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Debt Consolidation Tips


Tip No.1 - Budget first and spend later. This is excellent advice. Without completing a comprehensive monthly or a weekly budget, it is difficult to determine whether you can afford the expense you are taking on. A personal budget is a financial plan which sets limits on the amount of money that will be spent on each category of expenses in a given month

Tip No.2 - Consider Debit Cards. These cards provide the convenience of a credit card but will only allow you to spend the money you already have as they are linked to your bank account.

Tip No.3 - Interest Free Offers. Do not take on the Interest Free Contract if you do not believe that you will have the capacity to pay out the full loan taken at the end of the Interest Free period.

Tip No.4 - Credit Limit Increases. Once you have selected a credit facility you are happy with, resist the unsolicited requests to increase your existing credit limit. Also avoid having multiple credit accounts as it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of your spending.

Tip No.5 - Reconciling Your Bank Statement. You should reconcile your bank statement as soon as you receive it from the bank. If you are not sure how follow simple instructions on the back of statements.

Tip No.6 - Impulse Buying. Make a list of what you need to buy before going shopping and do not buy anything not on your list.


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