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Debt Consolidation Loans Australia

Debt Consolidation is the process of replacing a number of existing loans with a single loan which will reduce your monthly payments by spreading out the combined loan over a longer period of time and reducing the interest rate being paid. You can take advantage of this program even if you are not a home owner.

Trapped in a maze of escalating debt?

If you have several different loans such as a car loan, a personal loan and are paying high credit card interest rates on accumulating debt, let Honey Loans help you get your finances in order and enjoy great savings in the process. We want to assist you to reduce your monthly repayment amount. This in turn will help to ease the monthly financial burden. It doesn’t matter how many loans you have, or, in some cases, even if you’ve had some credit history problems due to the difficulty in budgeting for all of the debts – we will look after you.

Struggling with growing credit card debt?

Credit Card debt is at an all-time high in Australia, and the amount of credit card debt per head of population is quickly increasing. It all stems from the fact that credit has been so easy to get over the last few years. Your letterbox is constantly bombarded with offers of “sign here and we’ll send you the card” or “sign here and you’ll instantly qualify for our offer”. It’s just too simple to do, yet the repercussions of your spending habits can land you in a lot of financial difficulties.

Enticed by Interest Free Offers from major retailers?

The interest free offers are indeed very enticing – they enable you to take home items today and pay for them 6, 12 or 24 months later. While you do not have to pay any interest on these purchases you commonly incur very high interest charges if you do not pay the debt out completely by the end of the interest free period, and therefore can prove to be a trap for the unwary.

Let Us Help You

We can help you to consolidate all your debts into a single All in One Home Loan at very affordable home loan rates. Home Equity or a Line of Credit Loans are also commonly used by our clients to achieve more financial flexibility while still enjoying interest savings.

A good loans strategy can provide significant savings and pay your home loan off years sooner. To achieve your goals your loan strategy will require you to correctly structure a new loan or possibly restructure an existing loan. The loan features presented below are possible options to include in your future loan structure.

All-In-One Loan

Please consider the savings benefits you will enjoy with an "all in one" consolidation loan. Significant savings can be achieved by consolidating all your finances under the one umbrella. Home loan rates are generally lower than those of credit cards, personal loans, car loans or overdrafts.

Your home equity, in most cases, can provide the cheapest and most flexible source of finance that is readily available. We can assist you to obtain a loan so that you can use your equity to manage your personal finance.

You will find relief by combining all of your repayments into one home loan. You can reduce the amount of interest you pay and it will allow you to catch up with living again

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